Sunday, January 6, 2008

The New Year

Struck down with a stomach bug and cold for a night was not the best way to get me in the mood for new years eve. I thought to myself if I felt anything like this tomorrow its not worth me trying to go anywhere. So I didn't. Just stayed in with my brother playing Halo 3 on XBox right the way up to the 'countdown', Which came in the form of 'fucking die you cunt!' However the reception I got from the blokes from Scarborough on the other end of the microphone was amusing and heart warming. Its all just a big male bonding sesh these online games. A bit of generic banter.

I'm finding that the beginning of a new year is becoming more and more like a normal day. No one even mentioned new years resolutions to me until at least two days into January, at which point, its a bit fucking late. Nothing like it used to be, as a child, the new year seemed a time where you could just wipe the slate clean, and feel energized to take on the next year of whatever shit would come about. What an anti-climax this one was. Parents in bed well before 12:00. However, I do remember feeling rather fresh new years day, taking deep breaths of the crisp morning air thinking; 'I'm rather content with life.'

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