Monday, December 17, 2007

Paris Installation 2007

This is the task that I have been most excited about completing in the months running up to Christmas.

This link will take you to the images of an installation that was completed by myself and six other students from Ravensbourne College of Design and Communication studying ABC Foundation Art.

We spent a total of about 4 weeks completing it, and it was based around our impressions of Paris.

We visited Paris on a trip in late November 2007 and spent four days there. Over which time we experienced not only the positives of Paris, but a lot of negatives as well. In fact, we felt that we had experianced more negatives and hardly any positives. Let me break it down;

Excellent Architecture
Exceptional Galleries
Hot French women
Interview with Swoon the American street Artist from Brooklyn
and some Impressive street art.

Shit Food
Cramped Metro (due to strike)
Crack Whores
Exploiting taxi drivers
Dangerous taxi drivers (thieves)
Extremely Difficult to navigate (metro closures left right and center)
Drunken Sickness

All in all, we came back with a rather different image of Paris than we thought we would. Never the less, we felt that putting this all down in our sketch books just didn't allow us enough space to really portray the sights and sounds and visuals that we experienced while there. I hope the images in the slide show give you some idea of our thoughts and feelings about how our journey went.

As well as having experienced a few negatives, nothing could bring us down from the high we were on after interviewing Swoon. If not for her I'm not sure this installation would have happened, she was so inspiring. We really felt obliged to create a whole new environment like she had done for her installation at La Galerie L.J. Beaubourg


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