Thursday, December 13, 2007

Personal Statement 2007

Everywhere I look, I can see that society around me is fecund with symbols, shapes, colours and letters. From the massive conglomerate advertisements, to the smallest bus ticket, each has had its own mastermind behind its creation. I want to be one of those masterminds. I believe that I have the capacity to analyse and evaluate the various functions of graphic design, creating work with an in depth understanding of how best to interact with a target audience.
My Foundation Art and Design course has allowed me to work towards a University place with growing knowledge and confidence by developing my skills of drawing, computer design, and expression through various art and craft forms as well as input from additional extra curricular studies.
Such extra curricular studies have included a recent group installation reflecting our views of Paris as part of an Art trip in November 2007. To create this installation we transformed an ordinary room into an ‘alien’ environment in which we were able to effectively portray our personal views and experiences of our time in Paris whilst disconnecting our audience from a comfortable normality. This was an effective method in allowing the audience to experience elements of Paris as we were able to. We felt that by creating an interactive environment we were able to avoid constraints and experiment with using sound and moving image which would have otherwise been left out if we had simply worked in our sketch books. Ultimately, our installation shows sheer determination and the ability to express work in an unconventional format and represent a developed use of initiative.
At present I am employed at Rovic Tiles, a job which I have been in for the past three years. Although I am employed as a sales assistant, my role has been varied and developed into a more pro active graphical design approach for the company’s visual media. It is clearly important that the company’s image is portrayed at the highest possible standard, therefore I feel great responsibility and pride that they have felt able to entrust me with such an important role. Examples of my work for Rovic Tiles have included; Brochures, leaflets, trade cards and ‘front of house’ logo’s.
I have also had significant experience within radio broadcasting; Presenting 4 shows for BBC London 2012 live. A program set up to promote the Olympic Games. I believe that I was chosen for this role because of my ability to communicate effectively to a large audience. Understand and listen to views and opinions and react to them in a positive and constructive way. These skills I have generously applied to my graphics design work to help promote ideas and confidence in design practice.
My influences range from renowned commercial graphic designers such as Alan Fletcher to the more elusive designers and fine artists such as Swoon. I feel that there is always something to gain from an artist whether or not their work is directly related to graphic design or not. Maybe it the way they approach their work or the methods in which they create pieces. I’m always enthralled to discover new styles as it encourages me to develop my own strategies and techniques and also self evaluate work I have already done.
I feel that the university experience would be of unparalleled benefit to my development as both a graphic designer and as a person and that given the opportunity I would prove a valuable commodity to the design industry.

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