Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas comes early down under

New bicycle thanks. Eighty bucks, so half that and a bit more it was about 35 pounds.

Golfing with the most amazing view you ever did see, so unbelievably shit at playing but i beat Adam on his birthday, so bad times son.

Oh yeah, and i got pretty drunk, apparently it helps as it numbs the part of your brain that keeps you tense in your arms and whatever, so when your drunk you couldn't give a fuck so you just hit the dam thing. Worked pretty well to be honest.
Ah bad sand times.

Sleeping arrangments.

Some photos courtesy of brother dearest.

And this is the Family. From left
Uncle Dave, Second Cousin Seraphina with her mum, my cousin, Kate, then my Auntie Chris, the other little wipper snapper Hermoine, me and bro.. obvs.


sean parker said...

mate i fucking love the shot of you sitting down. except you stole my baadge muh'fuckaa.
also, niiiice golfing trousers.
i love you man, happy christmas x

Laura said...

keith said nice swing.

looks wicked.
merry christmas.

James said...

allow me go golfing in sidcup or somehwrer of the sort once you back.

even thought its cold.
maybe in summer.

looking good man

Hugh Barrell said...

Merry Christmas to you guys. Thanks for commenting. Oz is just awesome. Speak to you soon. Hope you get all the presents that you want. xx Much love.