Saturday, October 18, 2008


The first two double page spreads for the Camden Streetzine titled Stable.

The zine is going to work alot like a narrative. It will focus on the facts and opinions of people who we met when we went to Camden to do our initial research for the project. We want the Camden people to be the voice of the zine and not let it be influenced by our own opinions. The only input we will have will be informative.

We decided on this because we felt that from people that we spoke to and the feelings they expressed it seemed that Camden was loosing its character in recent years, whether that due to more commercial development of maybe even more recently, the market fire.

The handmade, typewritten approach to the zine is to reflect Camden's bohemian persona. Something that we felt was essential to reflect as it represents the many opinions that are introduced within the zine. The title, Stable. (with a backward 'e'). was created with the idea that Camden is no longer as stable as it used to be, both from a merchants point of view, and from a local perspective. However, to the outsider it would seem that we are merely trying to reflect one of the main attractive elements of Camden- the stables market and what influence that has on Chalk Farm Road. It wouldn't be until one delves into the zine that they would uncover an array of positive and sometimes negative elements that Camden has to offer. But again, told purely through the use of quotations and other gathered resources.

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