Friday, October 17, 2008


Streetzine on Camden High Street / Chalk Farm Road. 6th Oct 2008

Initial starting point was to gather research on the area in question.
Set off by taking a trip to Camden that night to start to get an idea of how the tone of Camden changes at different times of day.
I will focus on positive and negative elements of the area by talking to the local people. I want to keep an open mind when talking to people, as at this stage i don't want to confine myself to any particular theme or subject to base the Streetzine on.
I wanted to find out what makes Camden so high profile. Maybe find out something about Camden that is quite trivial and draws your attention away from its commercial reputation - something out of the ordinary that is more personal and compelling.
One of the group members said that we should look at the different styles of footwear of the local Camden people. Reflecting something not immediately obvious when observing the area and its inhabitants.

Some of the other ideas that i have are as follows:

Data Analysis.(Facts, figures and ratios etc)
Focus on different typographic styles used around the Chalk Farm Road.
Smells - (what and how often)
Touch - Surfaces
Sounds - Voices, traffic, sirens etc

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