Sunday, December 9, 2007


Ok, lets bring this blog up to speed.

Firstly, Polaroid a day idea. Scrapped.
The women who suposidly had 600 polaroids to sell mefailed to mention the fucking things were out of date and that she only actually had 300. I mean, shit, some people must be born stupid. Allow her now though, since i met swoon, all women are just, safe.

Secondly, today was spent working on my Paris 2007 book.
(College educational trip to Paris 2007, active research basically)
However i also got completely lost on the internet, totally
engrossed in artists profiles and their websites as opposed to doing my
work. Which, to divert slightly, is to write an essay on a graphic design
artist who specializes in Life Drawing. Work load right now, is immense.

I quote
''check out the website of the Swoon, a street artist from Brooklyn. When my mates and i were in Paris the other week, we bumped into her and teased her into an impromptu interview. We just sat there, in the middle of the gallery chatting, while she drank tea. It was a beautiful thing.
Unfortunately, her new website is under construction en ce moment, so if you go to and click on the artist blob, her name is at the bottom of the list. clicketyclick and you've got her bio, images and exhibition info.''

Jaan - Seans Blog

She is a fantastic street artist, with an admirable collection of work. Extremely detailed cut outs.

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